About Mobile खाता

Mobile Khaata is a digital day book and ledger book which helps the business personalities to convert their business into digital platform. Mobile khaata aims to simplify the business with accuracy. We connect your customer to your business through which your business will be easier. Easier in such a way that you can purchase and sell within three clicks and your credit account and report will be generated automatically.


Mobile Khaata  comes with lots of features which helps the businessmen to be up to date with credit amount within one click as well as mobile khaata reminds you in each and every important schedule of your busy life. It will never let your job undone.

About Company

Vedanta Technologies is a company established with the sole purpose of promoting web and mobile app development. We offer web and mobile based services to small and large businesses. We believe we can offer a unique and superior service to both small and large businesses in comparison to what is available in the market.